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OraclesoundLab establish in early 2009 as a non mainstream DJ label management like drumNbass, dubstep, trap, juke and another bass music. We have been arrange few of them to be able to produce an electronic music with the base of bass music. In keeping with our goal to be a record label, after 6 years, we finally met with an international distributor in charge of spreading the piece of music that we release. So, in last January we had to launch the new concepts of our label, OraclesoundLab : R E K O R D S, The first Records Label of an Electronic Dance Music in Bali This is the time for OraclesoundLab will grab again of all bass community to start the party with entertainment traveller. It is one of the allure of Bali. The intention the event was able to give the spirit of the young and energic, while also helping to build the image with the party. With the beat of the music bass music.


Oraclesoundlab has a vision to help people become part of the creative industries, so we make some program to do that.
Panti Rehabilitasi Suara

Panti Rehabilitasi Suara is a discussion forum about the sound and music. Oraclesoundlab has plans to build a place for the forum and then this place can be used as an art and music gallery (sanggar) as long as we have a funders.

We Dance We Care

We Dance We Care is one of our program that concern about social issues. And now we still concern to campaign about how we manage our own trash.

Bali Drum&Bass Movement

You can join to our Facebook group – Bali Drum And Bass Movement


Pousterized began in March 2009, it is our regular event in Bali. We grew up in this event, and now Pousterized has been running around 40th.

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DJ set, Visual & Godstonemarket’s Programmer

Mr. D.Y.T

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